“Despite A Winged Victory For The Sullen being associated with film score type music, trying to survive the process of creating the modern film score is not for people with fragile egos. It requires those who are the most responsive to change. The director and the film presented a new set of challenges, so we decided to stop thinking about cinema as an object, and moved closer to using the film’s images as triggers for experiences. The more we were able to let go, and see the music as something that happens, like a process – not a quality, the more we were able to reach a place that sounded like us. It was as if we were making our first record all over again, except being filtered through another language littered with dead metaphors”.

“Melding grand analogue electronica with modern classical tropes” : Mojo ★★★★
“Typically grand” : Uncut 8/10
“Cinematic paradise” : DJ Mag 8/10
“Iris is that very rare thing: a soundtrack that can make a superb stand-alone listen” : Drowned In Sound 8/10
“Grand, elegant and eerie” : Mixmag 8/10
“Masters of exquisite discretion” : The Wire
“Simply stunning in its uniqueness and beauty” : Echoes & Dust
“Rich and fecund” : Electronic Sound
“Cinematic in its scope and in its quality” : A Closer Listen
“Iris is another example of why AWVFTS should be cherished and why they are one of the finest bands out there at the moment” : Louder Than War 7.5/10
Interview : Deluxe Magazine
Interview : Drowned In Sound
Interview : Electronic Sound
Interview : Headliner Magazine
Interview: Fractured Air

  • Label Erased Tapes Records
  • Release Date 13th January 2017