‘Embers’, the new album from Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow, is a conceptually imaginative and musically atmospheric recording that draws stimulus from laws and patterns of the natural world. Excelling creatively from the freedom and restrictions of applying aspects of these elements, ‘Embers’ emerges vividly from the processes employed in its creation.

“An assault of breathless beats” : Mojo
“The record plots a gorgeous curve from open to close” : Clash
“An expansive electronic opus” : Mixmag
“Bass mechanic’s invigorating song cycle” : Uncut
“A journey through a world where the organic and the man-made work in harmony” : DJ Mag
“Whatever your leaning, there’s plenty to light your fire here” : Electronic Sound
“A dizzyingly hypnotic record full of beautiful cacophonies, rhythmic pulses, and the sort of brain-bludgeoning electronic surges favoured by Aphex Twin” : Red Bull
“Throwing Snow’s sweet science is something we can all believe in” : Loud & Quiet
“Revels in repeating patterns” : The Vinyl Factory
“A tour de force of complex, captivating electronic music” : Hyponik
“While the new year has just begun, we can already see this appearing on a year-end list” : A Closer Listen
“An exciting electronic LP and a conceptually imaginative recording” : Now Then Magazine

  • Label Houndstooth
  • Release Date 20th January 2017