‘Earth Loop’ is the debut album by Moon Gangs, the solo project of BEAK> guitarist/synthesist William Young. A classically-trained pianist, Young composed ‘Earth Loop’ “half and half in a classical sense”, some played live on keyboards, with ideas notated traditionally, the other half created using analogue sequencers with random voltage sources.

“It’s difficult to find fault with this all-consuming set of songs: an epic unfurling of electronic melody” Crack
“Like John Carpenter playing a Bach toccata” Uncut
“Each song could loop infinitum and it would wrap the listener into a cocoon of blissful wonderment” The Quietus
“An ode to all things ’80s” The 405
“Tangerine Dream-sound baroque synth workout” FACT
“An album that demands your undivided attention” Loud and Quiet
“Expansive synth jams with an immersive feel” Clash
“Takes in a wide range of Tangerine Dream’s oeuvre and cooks up something new from the various parts” Bandcamp

  • Label Village Green Recordings
  • Release Date 30th March 2018