Being the humble guys that they are, Surprise Chef aren’t going to admit they have something very special going down. However, there must be some magic in their studio, or maybe in the fact they all share a house and have formed close bonds, or perhaps from absorbing the DIY ethos of running their own record label that has culminated in such a unique and enchanting sound.

“Soothing, atmospheric, disquieting” Mojo
“One of the finest soul and funk releases of the past 18 months” Clash
“Look set to see their wonderful deep grooves have a truly international appeal” Shindig
“Showcasing jazz and DIY experimentalism in a whole new light” Ransom Note
“A raw slice of funk break goodness” Stamp The Wax
“Irresistible stuff. Brims over with expansive happy-go-lucky laid back grooves” Electronic Sound
“A sudden impressionistic snatch, a glimpse from the ether, a moment that goes on to define your day” Backseat Mafia
“Surprise Chef recalls mavericks such as David Axelrod, Beastie Boys and Money Mark” Concrete Islands

Live session for Stamp The Wax x Worldwide FM
  • Label Mr Bongo