Sofie is a musician and artist based in Vienna. Best known as a DJ, her self-produced debut album ‘Cult Survivor’ is a collection of leftfield pop songs inspired by chanson, heartbreak and life’s overwhelming decisions.

“Spacy, languid…smooth, pop sweetened AOR…images of a dazzling, dancing 60s” Mojo
“Drifting between the dulcet, ethereal and madcap, Sofie conjures the kind of foggy, baroque slanted electro-pop that is at once life-affirming and morose” The Line Of Best Fit
“A deliciously chaotic listen, entirely left of field and unpredictable” Clash
“Steady-lo-fi basslines with offhand lyricism – mixing simple, effective chord sequences and vocal distortions, laid over steady ’80s-’90s poolside percussion” The Vinyl Factory
“Intertwines hazy, reverb-drenched guitar melodies, shimmering percussion and soft, ethereal vocals” London In Stereo
“Modern, leftfield-leaning torch songs…big, ambitious and dripping with emotion” Electronic Sound
“Pop made with intelligence and understanding” Backseat Mafia
“Unconventional pop motifs and striking lyricism” Stamp The Wax
Try To Reach Me: Exploring Sofie’s ‘Cult Survivor’ Clash
In-Short London In Stereo
Praise You Mix Stamp The Wax

  • Label Stones Throw
  • Release Date 26th June 2020