Since Jim Coles took on the mantle of Om Unit nearly ten years ago, the English producer has sought to challenge himself and his audience by going beyond the confines of genres and styles. In the process he has found success by striving for more feeling, for a more human and daring electronic music. This journey continues with ‘Self’, Coles’ third album as Om Unit and a true follow-up to his 2013 debut ‘Threads’ following the ‘Inversion album’ for Metalheadz.

“Album of the Month” Mixmag
“Miles ahead of the pack” DJ Mag
“A pervasive and tangible sense of emotion” Clash
“A reminder of the exquisite skill of Om Unit” Future Music
“Fearless and accomplished” Electronic Sound
“Its best moments feel genuine and self-assured, and the work of an artist taking a step back to relocate his voice” Resident Advisor
“Challenging and redefining the conventional boundaries of genre and style” Complex
“Constantly pushes the boundaries of what is expected” UKF
“His most personal and ambitious album yet” DMC World
“Forget the jungle, this is the twilight zone” Buzz

  • Label Cosmic Bridge
  • Release Date 27th October 2017