Constructed from a library of sounds collected by the artist in the rainforests of Borneo, Llyr’s debut album ‘Biome’ is an expansive documentation of natural beauty and human interference. With one foot in the rave and the other committed to widescreen dynamics, dancefloor bangers sit side-by-side with textural ambient, sweeping harmonies and freeform electronica. Set for released on Max Cooper’s Mesh imprint, it is the first full-length album from Berlin resident Gareth Williams aka Llyr.

“Fascinating, immersive and rewarding” Mojo ★★★★
“A deeply textural exploration of ecological IDM – and frontrunner for electronica album of the year” Backseat Mafia 9.6/10
“An engaging and forward-thinking sense of musicality and pleasure” Future Music 9/10
“Llyr has mastered the balancing act of a high-concept album on his first go with Biome, an impressive ambient-techno hybrid that uses the rainforest as its playground” Loud & Quiet 7/10
“Music and textural ambient soundscapes are layered to create a magical dream like tapestry reflective of a lost moment in the forest” Ransom Note
“Cleverly oblique and interpretive, its ambitious breadth endlessly rewarding” Electronic Sound
“A special LP that has to be listened to and appreciated in full” Decoded

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  • Label Mesh
  • Release Date 29th July 2021