‘Nuc’ is an album comprised entirely of compositions from Anna Meredith’s glittering career, and includes pieces re-arranged by Ligeti Quartet viola player Richard Jones (whose previous collaborations include Alex Turner, Jessie Ware and The Waeve), in conjunction with Meredith herself.

“‘Nuc’ is an exercise in innovative instrumentals with plugged-in aspects spanning crescendo-filled curios, reflective mournful moods, arpeggiated frenzies and dramatic builders” DJ Mag

“Challenging any old-school misgivings you might have about how stuffy strings can be, as it sits somewhere between avant-garde disco and ambient mania” The Skinny

“It’s in the quartet and composer’s meticulous attention that each melody pops, showing that even in subdued moments, there’s a flurry of colours ready to shine” The Quietus

“At its best when it pushes the string section to its limits, as with the slurring microtonality of Honeyed Words, the shimmering irradiance of Chorale, or the wonderfully demented minimalism of Shill” The Guardian

“Hugely enjoyable…often in startling ultra-modern fashion…bravo!” Electronic Sound

“Yields abundant fruit” ★★★★ The Times

“A remarkable, uncompromising collection that shows the composer and ensemble to be uniquely perfect collaborators” ★★★★★ Buzz

“An album that continually surprises and enlightens” ★★★★ BBC Music

  • Label Mercury KX
  • Release Date 14th April 2023