In 2017, the musical term “electronic” is nearly obsolete given the ubiquity of computerized processes in producing music. Even so, the prevailing assumption is that musicians working under this broad umbrella must be inspired by concepts equally as electrified as their equipment. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has demonstrated in her still-blooming discography that this notion couldn’t be further from the truth, and that more often than not, rich worlds of synthesized sound are born from deep reverence of the natural world. Smith (who by no coincidence, cites naturalist David Attenborough as a contemporary muse) has embodied such an appreciation on The Kid in as direct and sincere a way as possible by sonically charting the phases of life itself. The album, which punctually follows up her 2016 breakthrough EARS, chronicles four defining cognitive and emotional stages of the human lifespan across four sides of a double LP.

“Lush new age music underpinned by pop smarts” Uncut 8/10
“It feels like a journey has been made, a destination reached. While it’s called The Kid, the LP shows Smith has matured as an artist” Resident Advisor 4.0/5.0
“Beautiful” Mixmag 8/10
“An emotional depth that keeps you hooked over the length of a double album” Record Collector ★★★★
“The beating heart behind The Kid is the curiosity and delight that Smith brings to her meticulous electronic compositions” The Skinny ★★★★
“Throws dozens of images, concepts and beats into a lush soundscape and moulds something wonderful” The 405 8/10
“Bubbling, spaced out soundscapes” Long Live Vinyl 8/10
“A charming electronic exploration of life” The Observer ★★★
“From its outset, there’s a wide-eyedness, a sense of genuine wonder, to this record” Loud & Quiet 7/10
“A master composer of ambient electronics” Future Music
“Wondrous, spontaneous and indisputably beautiful” Bristol Live Magazine
“A unique and refreshing album made with care and striking talent” Now Then Magazine
“Re-envisions the possibilities of pop music at the frontiers of experimentation” The Vinyl Factory
“A strong front-runner for album of the year” Hi-Fi Choice Album of the Month

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  • Release Date 6th October 2017
  • Label: Western Vinyl