‘In Huge Gesturing Loops’ is an ambient solo album by multi-instrumentalist and Modern Nature member Jim Wallis. Built around recordings by the acclaimed pedal steel player Henry Senior, the album’s six hypnotic and enveloping tracks are supplemented with piano, strings, synths and field recordings performed by Wallis.

“Gorgeously enveloping” Uncut 8/10

“Mesmeric and enveloping…lush amorphous soundworlds” DJ Mag

“A serene ambient voyage – fully recommended” Electronic Sound

“An album that’s both peaceful and profound, which has something to say and its own way of saying it” Backseat Mafia

“Excellent” Echoes & Dust

“Imagine Ry Cooder’s music for Paris, Texas filtered through Vangelis’s more contemplative work on Bladerunner and you might be within sniffing distance” The Arts Desk

Radio play from BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews, Don Letts, Freak Zone, Gideon Coe, New Music Fix Daily, Riley & Coe.

“Isn’t that gorgeous – I went somewhere else for a moment there” Deb Grant, BBC 6 Music

“Now ain’t that something” Gideon Coe, BBC 6 Music