‘The Sound of Durban Vol.1’ represents the first full length compilation collecting the sound of the suburbs and townships of Durban, South Africa known as “gqom”.

“The largest and most thoughtful survey of the genre available to western audiences to date” : Pitchfork
“All praise to Gqom Oh!…a selection of the absolute best” : FACT
“Utterly mesmeric” : Boiler Room
“A perfect opportunity to investigate exactly what’s going down in one of the hottest genres around” : THUMP
“Genuinely without precedent” : DJ Mag
“Crackling with volatile energy” : The Wire
“Despite being the world away from our club culture, the heartbeat of Durban isn’t alienating: it meets you at the equator” : Dummy Mag
“The Gqom sound gathers the attention it deserves” : The Quietus
“Something fresh that gets very addictive, very quickly” : Mixmag
The foot-stomping new sound of South Africa’s townships : Guardian
A deeper look at South Africa’s new generation of house : FACT
The Rise of Gqom : RBMA Daily

  • Label Gqom Oh!
  • Release Date 29th January 2016