patten Announces New Album Ψ On Warp

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Future-facing UK duo patten return with their third LP & second for Warp, an album of deconstructed club music with multiple strains of Pop, Post Punk Industrial and hi-tech electronics.

The record is named with the Greek letter Ψ (pronounced Psi – a volatile symbol perfectly linked to their tripped out tracks), on the sleeve artwork, presented in an intensive state of growth or collapse.

patten seek to evoke and explore the worlds of deep pre-linguistic emotion and experience in all they do; in audio, visuals and live performance.

As with each release from the group, Ψ marks a definitive shift in the patten project, expressed across many forms from the sleeve artwork to stage setup. Their mind-altering drive remains present, but retooled and sharpened in focus. Ψ sees patten transforming their freeze frame blur into high speed crystal clear emotive energy.

“There were atmospheres, palettes and textures we were interested in looking at and distilling on Ψ – like the grinding city sounds of Industrial music, the bass weight of UK dance’s Hardcore Continuum, the emotive drive of 80s Goth, the techy weirdness of current pop music like Rihanna, the sonics of modern club like Grime, Footwork and Techno. We wrote in a very open way, allowing these elements to naturally interact in what we were doing.”

Historically, patten’s public identities have always been amorphous, referring in interviews to numerous members behind the scenes including early full band incarnations. Here ‘A’ and ‘D’ come to the forefront of the project. This line-up’s first public appearance was at Warp25 where they began a short run of shows testing AV setups with hyper-programmed lasers, smoked out venues, live processed guitar and vocals, LEDs and opulent projections. patten are translating innovative multi-sensory music through recordings, videos and onward into the live arena.

* patten is always lowercase*

Art Direction is by 555-5555 (a collaboration between patten, Jane Eastlight and others)

patten ‘Ψ’
Release Date: 16th September 2016
Label: Warp Records
Format: LP // CD // Digital
Cat No: WARP259

1. Locq
2. Sonne
3. Dialler
4. Used 2 B
5. True Hold
6. Pixação
7. Blade
8. Epsilon
9. The Opaque
10. Cache
11. Yyang
12. 51-61-6