LHF Resurface For Keysound EP With The Ragga Twins

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Keysound Recordings are excited to announce the return of one of their most elusive and celebrated acts, LHF. After a trio of vinyl EPs and a cult 2012 double debut album, the clan disappeared to regroup. Now in 2015 they have emerged with an EP of dark rolling beats featuring the Ragga Twins.

In true clan style, the Ragga Twins vocals were less recorded, more unearthed, from an unlikely source dating back many years. The Hackney jungle pioneers gave LHF their blessing and the EP was born. The vinyl art, shot by Keysound photographer Nico Hogg, was shot in the heart of the 2011 London Riots.

Consisting of core and satellite sounds, LHF have built an alternate sonic platform upon which they can operate freely; familiar in essence but essentially an unknown quantity – harbouring both ghostly memories and echoes of past underground movements since faded as well as glimpses of what might be.

Members of LHF include Amen Ra, Double Helix, No Fixed Abode, Low Density Matter, Octaviour, Escobar Seasons, Solar Man and Lumin Project. Members are as at home in London, Mumbai, LA, Rio, New York, reaching out into the near reaches of the cosmos or the past.

1. Double Helix Ft Ragga Twins ‘Fugese’
2. Double Helix Ft Lumin Project & Ragga Twins ‘Exodus’
3. Double Helix Ft Low Density Matter & Ragga Twins ‘2000 Dust’
4. Double Helix Ft Ragga Twins ‘Street Wise’

LHF will be launching EP4 at Keysound Sessions at Rye Wax, Peckham on 8th May.

LHF v Ragga Twins ‘EP4: From the Edge’
Release Date: 1st June 2015
Label: Keysound Recordings
Format: 12” Vinyl / Digital
Cat No: LDN053