Ipman Announces Debut Album For Tectonic

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Following releases on Osiris, Tempa and Cold Recordings, ‘Depatterning’ is the debut album by Ipman, set for release by Tectonic Recordings on 25th September.

Jack Gibbons aka Ipman hails from rural Herefordshire, a world away from the city-born influences that form his sound. Embracing the luxury of isolation, ‘Depatterning’ is compiled from two years of recording, realising a vision of Gibbon’s passion for soundsystem music, rave culture and technology. A self confessed tech nerd, Gibbons built the record experimenting with granular and modular synths, rewiring drum machines and mangling sounds with hardware.

“I like to create music by experimenting with new ideas and mechanics and letting tracks evolve, and this was no different. I had a pretty free reign and just tried new things and looked at the results.”

Lead track and recent 12″ ‘Regicide’ repackages the mid-1990s jungle experience into 140bpm breakbeat science, ‘IPA’ gives a sly nod to the Hereford pub staple through jamming techno synths, while the trinity of ‘¥, Ø, Ü’ sandwiches atmospheric ambience between Gibbon’s takes on dark 2-step and crushing rave.

The restless ‘Last One In The In The’ pays tribute to the all-night dancer “It’s like that bloke who is there from start to finish, eyeballs popping out of his head, just dancing like a maniac all through the dance (we’ve all been there). I had an idea for a video for it about him but never got round to it. It’d be like the Inspector Norse video. But in England so gritty and depressing.”

‘Depatterning’ demonstrates Gibbons’ individual ability to seamlessly fuse sounds, textures and moods – from jungle to techno and everything in between.

“Most of the inspiration for the album came from purely wanting to make something my own. The challenge for me was to pin down a sonic and craft an entire album’s worth of material out of it, which for me was difficult as I tend to get bored and move on quickly. It feels good to finally be able to share this.”

Tectonic Recordings are celebrating a decade of releases in 2015. More information on shows and special events will be announced at http://tectonicrecordings.com

Ipman ‘Depatterning’
Release Date: 25th September 2015
Label: Tectonic Recordings
Format: LP // Digital
Cat: TEC088

‘Depatterning’ tracklisting:
1. Regicide
2. Technicolour
3. Gravity
4. IPA
5. Last One In The In The
6. ¥
7. Ø
8. Ü
9. Strong Ones