Ed Rush & Optical Have Mixed FABRICLIVE 82

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The team of Ed Rush & Optical unleashed upon the world an album, label and audiological echo that would inspire thousands of producers and spawn an entire generation of artists. Their ‘98 debut album ‘Wormhole’ changed drum & bass forever and is widely regarded as the best LP of the genre. While both DJs have widespread acclaim individually, it is commonly said that their best work is done together – and never more so than when delivering their signature Virus sound direct to the dancefloor. Implicit with drum & bass at fabric since year zero, Ed Rush & Optical at last step up to the FABRICLIVE plate with a typically frenetic session.

When fabric first came along, the incredible sound system blew me away, and it was really exciting and flattering to be part of that from the early days. And even now there is nothing else to contest it, it’s incredible to look at the track record and how long it’s been going for – you just can’t f**k with that, it’s unreal! The mix is a selection of what we play at the moment and the way we play it – fast, furious and highly energetic! It’s a good representation of all of the amazing music and talent that is in our scene at the moment.” – Ed Rush & Optical

The mammoth 39 track mix is peppered with exclusives (Ed Rush & Optical ‘The Host’ and ‘The Turnover’, Ed Rush ‘Scarab VIP’), unreleased tracks (Signs ‘Clockout’ and ‘Acid Test’, Optical & BTK ‘Inside Out’ and De:tune ‘Purge’) and brief journeys back in time (Ed Rush & Optical ‘Watermelon’ 1999, Konflict ‘Messiah’ (Noisia Remix) 2005, Ed Rush & Optical ‘Chubrub’ 2009 and Audio ‘Collision’ 2010) completing a relentless exhibition of drum & bass supremacy.

Ed Rush & Optical launch FABRICLIVE 82 on Friday 21st August 2015, alongside Dillinja, Optiv & BTK and InsideInfo. For line-up and tickets visit http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/1107.

FABRICLIVE 82: Ed Rush & Optical
Release Date: 24 July 2015
Label: fabric
Format: CD / Digital
Cat No: fabric164