Dead Fader Announces ‘Sun Copter’ EP

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Dead Fader returns with new EP ‘Sun Copter’, which precedes a forthcoming full length album.

‘Sun Copter’ introduces a new sound as Dead Fader’s pallet gains new range and depths; using analogue technologies in conjunction with the digital techniques he is well known for.

Dead Fader is the alter ego of John Cohen, former Brighton resident – now in Berlin , who has worked relentlessly since 2007 to realise his vision of electronic music. His tracks are characterised by pioneering sound explorations, which on one hand oscillate between sonic extremities and on the other hand carefully craft cinema-scope sound worlds.

Dead Fader ‘Sun Copter’ EP
Release Date: 4th September 2015
Label: Robot Elephant Records
Format: 12” EP / Digital
Catalog No: RER020

A1. Nightmare Sequence
A2. 3014
B1. Sun Copter
B2. Black Maze

Dead Fader Discography
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Autumn Rot / No Thief (Single, 2010, 3by3)
Luckeeey (EP, 2011, Tigerbeat6)
Tar River (CD / Digital Download, 2011, Broken 20) – released as John Cohen
Work it, no (EP, 2012, Robot Elephant Records)
Askanes (Album, 2012, Murder Channel Records)
Deaf Arena (Album. 2013, Exotic Pylon Records) – released as John Cohen
True Giant, Tiny People Tribe (Soundtracks to Motomichi Nakamura shorts films, 2013, Channel 4 Random Acts)
In Cover (EP, 2014, Robot Elephant Records)
Blood Forest (Album, 2014, Robot Elephant Records)
Scorched (Album, 2014, Small but Hard)
Hyp30 (free download EP, 2015, Robot Elephant Records)
Sun Copter (EP, 2015, Robot Elephant Records)