Apollo Records Announce Gacha Debut Album

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Following his EPs ‘Remember’ (“Music of deep intrigue, cloaked in an atmospheric fog” – Resident Advisor) and ‘When The Watchman Saw The Light’ (“Phenomenal” – Stereogum), Gacha returns to R&S sub-imprint Apollo with another contemplative and composed record, his debut album ‘Send Two Sunsets’.

“The album is a collection of tunes built over the years rather than an album with a concept that you try to understand over time. The tracks are all from the last three years and I feel they capture everything that happened around me during this period of my life. Some of the tracks were recorded when I was just starting to make music and some are new songs with more improvisational process behind their creation.”

First caught tip-toeing the lines of post minimalism with dashes of 2-step, the Georgian producer has expanded his repertoire with releases under the alias Winter Flags and Bakradze on record labels 2nd Drop and Delsin Records. ‘Send Two Sunsets’ spans many moods and textures – the sparse pads of opening/closing tracks ‘Abandoned City’ and ‘Blue Distance’, soothing static of ‘Waterfall’ and guitar work of ‘Bliss’ play off the more the uptempo moments of the slowly unfolding ‘Dunes’ and four-to-the-floor funk of ‘Street Talk’.

With a musical diet of Durutti Column, Slowdive, Cluster and old Krautrock influencing the way the guitar is utilised in his music, the instrument plays a prominent role on the LP. A number of tracks feature the vocals of Natalie Beridze, upon which Gacha reflects: “It’s rejuvenating to collaborate with someone who has drastically different approach and style of music and song writing. Those differences between us also give us a much broader and elaborated perspective on performing live concerts”.

The diversity and experimentation across the release places Gacha as a complete and well-rounded musician happy to bend rules and work outside of the restraints of today’s modern producing circuit.

1. Abandoned City
2. Waterfall
3. Bliss
4. Duras
5. Send Two Sunsets
6. Pulsing
7. Let Me Love You
8. Street Talk
9. Blue Distance


Gacha ‘Send Two Sunsets’
Release Sate: 4th May 2015
Label: Apollo
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Cat No: AMB1507
Order: http://hyperurl.co/sendtwosunsets